The Foundation

We are a Internet of Things based company recognized by Startup India by Indian Government and a team of professional engineers working to build a smarter and easy world  

We provide smarter M2M/IOT Solutions.

Focused on cost effective and better work quality, we Discover Ideas  provide solutions in the fields of on Internet of Things. We are specialized in developing the Smart Solutions like Smart Energy, Smart Healthcare, Smart Environment, Smart Governance etc. for Smart cities. Which covers all the aspects from Hardware integration to Cross Platform Application Development., Web Development, SEO, app development are the other areas of services.

Our key to success is learning by doing. We see ourselves as the only competitor in the market to compete. We want to make the life of the customers smarter with our solutions. The enterprise strives to dispense the technological solutions to its clients.



Our mission is a satisfied customer. Our solutions incorporate the hybrid of emerging technologies, painstaking and relentless efforts by our team with a pinch of moral guidance from domain experts.



To make the life of the customers smarter with plug and play solutions. Discover Ideas Pvt. Ltd. would like to be recognised as a niche player of internet of things’ industry. That is way ahead of time at present but holds the promise of being rewarding in years to come.



Based on Internet of Things industry, Discover Ideas  Pvt. Ltd. primarily focuses on giving Smart Solutions for Smart Cities. This is where our industry, networks and relationships truly matter to our customers.

According to the product or service selected by customer, Discover Ideas Pvt. Ltd. will primarily focus on giving Smart solutions for Smart Cities based on Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M based solutions. We work on the whole DNA, i.e., Device, Network and Application, umbrella of Internet of Things ecosystem.


-Founder of Discover Ideas!!

System Design Engineer and individual researcher with 5+ Year of experience in Project management, Hardware designing , Firmware designing. Worked with Omega Electronics, Delhi metro Rail Corporation, Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay, Oval Digital.

Designed and deployed 30+ projects.

Research Areas and interest:-

  • Internet of Things
  • Free Energy Generation
  • Microcontroller applications development.
  • Artificial intelligence and human-computer interface using human gestures
  • Real-time human gesture processing
  • Augmented reality and human interaction
  • Sensing systems
  • Autonomous navigation systems
  • Wireless communication protocols, devices and standard