As we all are connected to the internet in the present day scenario. We all want to know what internet of thing is. Now just think about the devices which are connected to the internet in your home. They are like your router, your phone, to laptop your tablet and can be many smart devices few have for example like Chromecast, temperature monitor. So all these things requires Internet connection.

The Internet of things or IOT has directed our thoughts to a different level with the help of it we got success in creating a system through which we can control a light, fan, AC, through our phones to a smart card providing the smallest route or to a smartwatch that tracks your daily activity.

It is a giant network with connected devices. This device gathers and shares data about how they are being used. It is basically based on sensors. Sensors are embedded in each physical device. It can be your electrical appliances, Bar code scanner, mobile phone, the traffic light in almost everything. The sensors continuously emit data about the working state of the device.


Working of IOT

Now the important question we all think is how do they transfer data and how do we put this into our benefit. IOT provides a common platform for all these devices to dump down their data in a common language to communicate with each other. Various sensors emit the data. Then it is send to IOT platform security.

IOT platforms integrate the collected data from various sources. Further we get complete analysis of data and extract valuable information as per requirement and finally share the result. This leads to better User experience automation and improving efficiency.


Utilisation of IOT in the manufacturing sector

Let us see the scenario where the internet of thing is doing wonders in different manufacturing companies. Its attached to both, the manufacturing machine and the belt sensors. They continuously send data regarding machines health and production specific to the manufacturer to identify the issue beforehand. A bar code is attached to each product before leaving the belt.

It contains the product code, manufacture detail, special instruction etc. The manufacturer uses this data to identify the location of distribution product was and track the retail vendor. Hence the manufacturer can make the product running out of stock available.


Impact of IOT in home automation

Now let us find out how IOT helps in home automation. Home Automation is based on upcoming technology that allows the user to control hardware-based devices or appliances directly from the internet without using a PC in between. So that hardware devices can directly interact with the online website and web pages. Based on this message passing we can monitor and control physical devices.

All this is possible with the help of the internet of thing. A sensor is attached to all the electrical appliances of your home. Through this, you can control all your home appliances through any software or any mobile application.



At the end summing of the whole article, IOT has changed our lives in a better way. Through this, our life has become more convenient, comfortable, luxurious. It is one of the most innovative Discovery in a field of science. We need IOT in our lives for making it more safe and effortless. It is one of the best ways to conserve our non-renewable natural resources.

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