The world is getting smarter every day. In the coming years, every object and device will be connected and we will be a part of a connected ecosystem where automation plays a lead role. Things are being connected to each other to provide us with more accessibility and convenience.One of the examples of connected things is office automation.

In office automation we connect your office appliances with your phone, to give you a convenient way to connect with your office. Now you will ponder why is office automation important? What is the need of office automation? What is the purpose of smart offices? Why have office automation? So, today we will be discussing all the reason why you should have a office automation and then why meTo is your perfect office automation solution.



Office automation is one of the smartest and energy efficient way for you to make your office premises smart. It helps you to control all your electronic appliances via phone, with just a single click. Places like offices have a very vast area so it becomes really hard to handle all the appliances at once. You would either have to keep a person for the same but then humans can always lack in there work but not machines.

So the other option or the best option is undoubtedly Office Automation. With the help of this, you can easily check which all lights are on and which are off. If you want to turn on or off any appliances then you don’t have to worry about going to that section where it is kept and turning it off. You can do it with just a click through meTo. This way you can save a lot of energy, effortlessly.


Now, what if we forget to check whether the lights are on or not. To solve that problem meTo has a feature of Scheduling. According to your timetable, you can always schedule that at what time all your appliances should get turned ON/OFF.

meTo is developed for optimizing your power consumption. It provides you with a static based on the pattern of your usage. And suggest you the best optimum way of scheduling your appliances so that you can save up to 25% of your energy consumption. Statistical analysis.


Now many of us do not have a regular working schedule so how can we use scheduling in that case. Then for such type of cases meTo has a feature of GPS control. With the help of this, if your office timings are flexible then your appliances will automatically turn on when you are in the range of 10 m from the switches.


We have always known that our surroundings have always been very effective on our capability of doing work and affecting our minds, just like bright colors always make us energetic while dull colors make us feel low. Just the same way if we will have smart surrounding like smartphones, smart laptop, smart computers, smart lighting control then it makes all the employees think smartly and give smart ideas.


Office Automation : A Smart Choice

So, in the end, we would like to conclude it with the statement that “SMART SURROUNDING DEVELOP SMART IDEAS”
And hence smart office automation is the future of smart offices.

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