What are the features of a product? A simple definition of it is features of a product is basically the services that product can provide us. So, today we’ll be talking about features of meTo that makes it the best home automation solution, what all services it can provide you, so for that first thing we should know, what exactly meTo is? meTo is a revolutionary complete home automation software.

It is a best home automation solution which allows you to control the electronic appliances of your home and offices from anywhere around the world. It’s not all what meTo can do there are a lot more features that meTo contains. So, basically, this article is all about the features of the complete home automation software meTo.

Let’s Get Started

First of its most loving feature is that it’s very handy to use. Just download the application of meTo login into your account and bingo! You get lightning control of all the electronic appliances of your home and office in your hand. The best part about it is that you can control it from anywhere across the globe, as it has an inbuilt WI-FI to it.


To make it even handier it provides you widgets but many of the times you don’t have time to open that for that they made it compatible with Google assistant so now when you say “ok google turn on the lights ” your lights will turn on with a magic. As in a house many people live and everyone uses all the appliances so because of the diversity of the best home automation software. Now we can share the controls of our house with as many people as we want.


Security is must! This is one of the major feature that makes it the best home automation solution . It has a security mode option which you can lock the manual switches. After this, if anyone tries to use them you directly get an alert on your phone that there is some unwanted activity going on around your house. So it’s a way to secure your home or workplace.


More fascinating features of meTo: Best Home Automation Solution

As we all know that voltage fluctuation is a very common problem in India. So as to maintain the title of the best home automation solution in India they had to overcome the issue. That it’s why meTo is very adjusting with voltage fluctuation. It protects all your devices at the time of fluctuation by turning them off automatically.


It’s not over yet we still have many more features left. They are the most important ones which we are going to discuss now. In order to buy anything we need to see its cost it fits our budget or not. As I have been saying that it’s the best home automation solution till now so you might definitely be willing to know how it is, because just like other complete home automation software it provides you almost the same features then why its best? It’s best because it comes in your budget.


It provides all these astonishing features at this low cost. Even after that also it saves your money by saving the energy. It saves approximately 10% of your electricity by optimizing the uses of it. Many times it happens that we forget whether we switched off the lights or not is the ac off? So if you have a habit of forgetting these type of things then this complete home automation software lets you check the status of your appliances through its lightning control smart button. You can even control it because of its inbuilt WI-FI.


So this was a lot to digest as meTo provides you with lots of spectacular features in budget amount. Wasting even a single day without this amazing product after knowing its versatility may make you regret afterward. So without any delay, go get the best home automation solution right now, ‘meTo home automation‘ 


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